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About Us


Café Hideout is an offbeat restro-cafe chain with an exceptional quality of food and beverages. The vibe of Cafe Hideout is distinctly intimate, self pampering and hopping. It is focused on providing absolute me time experience to guests.

We serve coffee which is homegrown in the highest standards of controlled farms of western Karnataka and processes to bring best aroma and smoothness.

Great Coffee Complimenting Great Food

The menu in Hideout is designed in such a way that guests can treat themselves very often. From the selection of a variety of food across categories with great beverages and best in class coffee is something that makes us unique and different. We source our ingredients from fresh farms or best of the brands. Everything that goes to your plate is tested well with experts before.

Anjesh Shandilya FOUNDER & CEO

Anjesh Shandilya started Hideout as a retro-cafe chain that offers great coffee complimented by great food. He strongly believes in the potential of the Indian F&B market and feels that there must be a prominent home grown coffee brand in the world’s top five coffee chains. He is scaling Hideout to be a fast growing brand.

His experiment with coffee has created a wonderful venture driven by passion and consistent efforts. He is an IT graduate by profession and a food & travel enthusiast by passion. With the maximum usage of technology in almost all the areas of our operation we aim to scale new heights in times to come.


Kumar Abhinav

Director - Marketing

Ram Hari

Head - Operations

Aakash Deep

Head - Finance

Core Values

  • Quality First

    360 degree of truth and genuinity in the ingredients and products we use.

  • People Next

    Team, Customers, Vendors & Partners are the most important asset to us.

  • WOW Experience

    Always be awesome to those who trust you for their food.

  • Work on measurable goals

    What cannot be measured, can not be improved. We use analytics to make any decision. We create milestones and measure our professional journey.

  • Always be growing

    Set new goals, push your limits and keep hitting hard to achieve them. There is not just one final destination rather the way we travel our path is important.

  • Mastermind Alliance

    Associate with great & impactful minds. Share ideas, collaborate for great results. Amazing people should be part of one ecosystem. Who did it is not important, getting it done rightly is.

  • March as one unit, Undivided

    Be an individual, but work as a team. Results should come from the units collaboratively and not from an individual.

  • Respect for competitors

    With right and ethical practices, reach to the top. Respect those who inspire or force you to push your limits.

  • Result only matters

    Position and title are never important, Results are.